Our Services

Our prices are charged by the time it takes to do amazing hair rather than by your gender, please call to check whether we have a new talent stylist available.


Senior Stylist

New Talent

15 min



30 min



45 min



60 min



75 min



We belong to the incredible network of Sustainable Salons in New Zealand and as part of this we ensure that 100% of our salon waste is being recycled or repurposed.  This is outside of the normal council service and we collect a $2 fee that is attached to your appointment  If you would like to find out more please ask us or visit www.sustainablesalons.org

Apprentice Training

We are always on the lookout for models for our Apprentices.  As part of our inhouse training for new and emerging stylists we offer special pricing for services.  All services are overseen by one of our senior stylists.

Training services are available on Thursdays between 10am and 2:30pm.

  • Haircuts - $40
  • Perm - $98
  • Foils ½ Head - $80
  • Foils Full Head - $98
  • Toners - $25
  • Colour Treatments - $75

Email hello@thepowderroom.co.nz with your contact details.  One of us will be in touch soon.


If we haven’t met you before and you want your hair foiled, bleached, toned, coloured, permed or would just like some hair extensions we would like to discuss this with you in person.

 A consultation is a great way to create your desired treatment with your stylist, to really explore what YOU want from The Powder Room.  Our consultations are complementary.

When you book a full service with us we do require a $50.00 deposit to secure your booking. Don't forget to book a night out afterwards because you're going to look fabulous! 


Olaplex Treatments from $28

Olaplex is an innovative treatment that will transform your tresses’ fortunes, with a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level.  Olaplex formulas seek out broken bonds in the hair (which are caused by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage) and repair them, restoring compromised hair to former glory.  

Kevin Murphy Treat Me $33

Inspired by the latest skincare ingredients, the TREAT ME range is a collection of ‘made to order’ in-salon treatments that deliver deep conditioning, shine and long-lasting nourishment.  Plant derived ‘Super Proteins’ help to strengthen and repair everyday damage caused by heat styling and chemical treatments.  Select from a range of treatments that include Repair, Nourishment, Volume and Density, and Anti-Ageing it’s like treating the hair to a high-tech facial.


Short from $140

Medium/Long from $167

Extra Long from $200

Foils - includes toner

T-Section from $135

½ Head from $190

¾ Head from $170

Full Head retouch from $195

Full Head from $220

Full Head - Thick/Long Hair from $240

Extra colour used $12 per 10mls

MALIBU C from $110 per hour

Bleach & Tone

Retouch from $165

Short from $198

Medium from $235

Long from $265

2nd application from $50

Perms & Cezanne Smoothing

First hour $159

Per follow hour $109

A deposit of $150 is required when booking these services

Hair Extensions

Per hour $109

Per piece $18

We use seamless tape in extensions.  Here at The Powder Room we are all about sustainability and ethically sourced products and our hair extensions are no different, we have gone to great lengths to find a supplier that offers transparency and quality hair.

A consultation is required prior to all hair extension bookings, and a 50% deposit is required to secure the booking.

Brow & Lash Tint 

Lash tint $25

Brow tint $20

Brow & lash tint $35